Join the Movement

Peyton Bre is a social selling company for girls clothing in sizes 6-16. Our highly sought after styles cannot be found in stores, but rather exclusively on our Ambassadors' replicated websites, vendor events and in-home fashion experiences.

Becoming a Peyton Bre Ambassador can provide you the opportunity and mentorship necessary, to have the means, time, and flexibility to find a greater sense of balance, self worth, and accomplishment.

As a Peyton Bre Ambassador, you will be part of a team of passionate, driven, like minded women, all working together towards a common goal. Life is too short to not find joy in the everyday. We are strengthening relationships, and building a force to be reckoned with!

The world would have us believe that motherhood and business are enemies. We at Peyton Bre disagree! We are so excited to offer an opportunity for women to succeed as both mother and entrepreneur.

We invite you to join our movement, in pursuit of emotional, spiritual, and financial self reliance. Apply today to become a Peyton Bre Ambassador, and lets see what we can accomplish together!


Fill out our application below and we'll connect you with one of our existing Ambassadors who can assist you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way!